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More about Water tank cleaning service in Bangalore

Is Water Tank Cleaning necessary in Bangalore?? It is recommended that Water tanks must be cleaned at least once a year. Residents of Bengaluru receive their water through a tank and pump system. This makes even more susceptible to water tank contamination, if not maintained or sealed properly risk exposure to a host of contaminants. It is therefore quite surprising that most of us pay very little attention to the condition of our water tanks, the main reservoir that stores all our water. Here are the few reasons says why you should get a water tank cleaning: Unclean water tanks act as breeding ground for bacteria: They can act as a breeding ground for all kinds of bacteria, making your water tank’s environment susceptible to being contaminated. Moreover, dirt, mould and silt deposits tend to accumulate in your water tank, making the water unfit not only for consumption, but also for daily use. Contaminated water can lead to water-borne diseases: Contaminated water can lead to illnesses such as Diarrhoea, Cholera, Typhoid and Lead poisoning. The simple act of cleaning your water tank may assist in protecting your family from such water-borne diseases. Water tanks can accumulate rust over time: If you notice that the water running out of your taps has a brownish tinge, your water tank may have accumulated rust and you need to get it checked. Your water tank is also at risk of having pathogenic micro-organisms that may have gained access to your tank through a host. These hosts generally include insects, rodents and other aquatic organisms that may have entered your water tank due to insufficient covering. Water filtration process may not be effective, if your tank is not clean: ‘‘I use a water filter and hence face no risk of facing water-related ailments’ is a classic misconception that needs to change. Even the best of filters might not be able to protect you, if the source at which your water is stored is contaminated. Helps reduce maintenance cost: ‘Maintenance is always better than cure’ is a common guideline in the handbook of any home-maintenance solutions provider and is a notion we strongly believe should apply to everyone who owns a water tank. If disease is not a good enough incentive to convince you to clean your water tank, we are hoping that the principles of economics will. Periodic maintenance of your water tank is much more cost-effective than expensive last-minute repair work. Regular upkeep of your water tank ensures that your water tank provides you with clean water at all times and is functioning at optimum levels. We use the highest standard quality cleaning methods that are eco-friendly solutions/disinfectants which us safe for your family. With the regular maintenance of Water tanks , you’ll have clean, safe water all year round. Cleaning of water tanks is important on regular interval, or it directly affects human health expecially childerns as they are vulnerable to water brone diseases like diarrhea and other dieases, because the quality of water supplied is not controlled by us. Contamination of water mostly happens due to improper cleaning or maintenance as we use it for bathing, cleaning, washing and for cooking on regular daily basis, water tanks is needed to be cleaned once in 3,6 month or even once a year but lack od alwreness from the people can be seen as water tank sare not checked regularly which is the most problem and helps for the growth of algae, bacterias, viruses and germs.therefore sump ,water tanks and pipes must be kept cleaned by regular water tank cleaning. But water tank and sump cleaning its plenty of time consuming which may take half to one day to get them cleaned manually. So professional sump and tank cleaners like us B Tank Cleaning Services comes into place. Where water tanks are cleaned with modern machinery proceess which gives best results. We B Tank Cleaning Services, water tank cleaning professional are experienced service professionals who have expertise to cater our customer's needs. Customers can carry on their daily routine while our representatives carry out their all kind of cleaning works, 0where we take care of everything from first to last stage with our professional cleaning tools, advanced cleaning machinery equipments , high preassure jet spray, and effective cleaning chemical agents, we make sure to give your sump and tank a clean in best way possible and 100% Bacteria and Germs free. Stages we follow for Sump Cleaning- Mechanized Dewatering Sludge Removal Cleaning with High-Pressure Washer Removing sludge with Vacuum Cleaner Anti Bacterial Spray UV Treatment DEWATERING INSUMP: Using submersible pump water are drained till the foot level. SLUDGE REMOVAL: Removing of Sludge by high powered vacuum cleaner. HIGH-PRESSURE CLEANING: Will be sprayed o entire walls from top, sides and bottom to get rid of all algae , sint, clins etc,. VACUUMING CLEANING: After high preassue wash all waste particlas are sucked and cleaned from end to end using vaccum cleanner ANTI-BACTERIAL SPRAY/UV RADIATION: Helps to sterile and make the space completely free from harmful microorganisms Book your water Tank Cleaning Services with us. We carry out our Water Tank Cleaning and Underground Sump Cleaning service for residential and commercial purposes in Bengaluru. Like for Homes, apartments, Schools, colleges, hospitals, malls etc,. We are happy to serve our service to our customers of Bengaluru. Book anytime, we'll reach out on time. Book Now